Welcome to my Custom Built Training site. My name is Darren Toma and I am the 2006 Canadian National Bodybuilding Champion and a retired IFBB Pro. I have currently 28 years of experience and knowledge in the competitive health and fitness industry. I competed for over a 20-year span in IFBB affiliated contests in Canada, USA and Europe. Over those years I have had the opportunity to meet and train with countless world class athletes. From Mr Universe and Mr Olympia title winners to many other very notable and competitive top IFBB pros and top amateurs from around the world. Also I have had the opportunity to be personally trained and coached by some of the most knowledgeable trainers and nutritionists in the industry over the years. Most notably I was trained by Hany Rambod aka The procreator at the peak of my competitive career for 4 years and when I turned pro. Hany is by far one of the best trainers and prep coaches in the world, trainer of multi Mr Olympia title winners in bodybuilding and figure and physique and countless other pros shows and national titles. Having competed my self for a lot of years I understand all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into competing in this arena. I take pride in passing all my years of experience and knowledge onto others and helping them achieve their health / fitness and competitive goals.

Custom Built Training offers exactly that specializing in Figure, Bikini, Bodybuilding. Physique and Classic Physique contest prep and offseason building. Every workout and nutrition plan is designed for each individual person to help them achieve their personal best in there chosen field. In today's vigorous regime of contest dieting and training to get in your best condition or to build your physique in the offseason. It is very important to have a good coach in your corner - someone with a good eye, vast experience and extensive knowledge to bring you to your genetic potential.

If you're serious about competing and your looking for a coach that will provide custom programs for the individual's needs and help you achieve your competitive goals. Then Custom Built Training is for you. Darren Toma

Please email me at the link below to find out more about my rates and how you can get started.
Thank you.
Darren Toma IFBB Pro


To see more about me and my bodybuilding career please check out my personal website www.darrentoma.com

Upcoming Shows

Canadian Physique Alliance2018 ScheduleIFBB

Regional Amateur shows / National Qualifiers / **IFBB Pro League Qualifiers across Canada

FEB 10
Sheru Bikini Classic **Pro Qualifier Ludhiana India
Arnold Classic Amateur/IFBB Pro**Pro Qualifier
Columbus Ohio
Leah Brandt Muscle Classic New Westminster BC
Vancouver Island Showdown Victoria BC
MAY 19
The Gym Northern Classic Fort Saint John BC
GNC/ALLMAX Toronto Pro/Am **Pro Qualifier Ontario
Natural BC Cup New Westminster
Okanagan Fitness Festival Kelowna BC
JULY 6/7
Vancouver Pro/Am **Pro Qualifier Coquitlam BC
T Zone Fitness Natural Championships Surrey BC
GNC/ALLMAX Natural Canadian Nationals ** Pro Qualifier
AUG 18
Knight of Champions Surrey BC
AUG 29.30.31 & SEPT 1
GNC North American Championships **Pro Qualifier
Pittsburgh PA
Iron Ore Classic Prince George BC
OCT 13
Natural Van City Showdown New West BC
OCT 20
Canadian Nationals **Pro Qualifier Toronto Ontario
Popeyes Classic Vancouver BC

IFBB Pro League Shows 2018

MAY 19
IFBB New York Pro Show White Plains NY
IFBB GNC/ALLMAX Toronto Pro Super Show
IFBB Vancouver Pro Show
IFBB Los Angeles Pro Figure
Redondo Beach California
AUG 3, 4
WOS IFBB Tampa Pro Bikini Florida
AUG 11
IFBB Portland Classic Pro Bikini Oregon
SEPT 14 -15
IFBB Mr/Miss Olympia Las Vegas Nevada


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