Clients / Athletes

On these pages you can see some of my clients I have trained over the years in all different categories. I have trained hundreds of athletes with great results over 19 years with hundreds of top 5 placing in regional and national level shows and multiple top 5 placings at IFBB Pro shows. I cannot list all of my clients over the years but this is just a list of some of our amazing athletes we have trained over the years and the shows they competed in and their placings. Browse through and see our amazing athletes. You can also visit our Instagram page CUSTOMBUILTTRAINING and our hash tag #CUSTOMBUILTTRAINING to see many more of our athletes and some great Custom Built moments.

  • Women\'s Physique

2017 BC Championships 1st Class B Open Physique
2017 Canadian Nationals 5th Class B Open Physique
2016 Popeyes Fall Classic 2nd open class B

2016 Ft St John 1st Master Class And Overall Masters Physique
2016 Ft Saint John 1st Open Class A Physique
2016 BC Championships 2nd Master Class A Physique
2016 BC Champioships 2nd Open Class A Physique

2016 Popeyes Fall Classic- 2nd open class A

2012 Canadian National Bodybuilding & Physique Championships 2nd Physique Short and IFBB Pro Card recipient
2012 BC Provincials 1st Place and Overall winner

2012 BC Provincials 3rd place women's physique

2015 BC Championships 3rd Womens Masters Physique And 3rd Open Physique Class B
2014 BC Provincials, 2nd Place Masters, 3rd Place Open B
2010 BC Provincials 3rd Heavyweight & 1st Masters Bodybuilding
2009 Sandra Wickham Classic 1st Heavyweight & 1st Masters Bodybuilding Overall Winner

2008 BC Provincials 1st Place Heavyweight & Overall Winner
2008 Canadian Nationals 5th Place Heavyweight Masters