Jessica Kritner

“If you want to meet your fitness goals with a healthy, well-balanced diet and effective workout program while feeling cared for, then Team Custom Built is your answer.  Darren and Lara were the deciding factor- the magical touch!- in the success that I experienced at the SWFC 2011.  I was going for the polished look and they made sure that I shined!

Thank you Darren and Lara for all of the individualized attention that you shared with me in the days leading up to the competition. It is a sensitive time in a competitor’s journey and the two of you honor that which boosts confidence… and feels really good! Team Custom Built is definitely about nurturing the inner Champion!” “
Jessica Kritner
Soulful Enterprises, Inc.  
SWFC 2011 Winner of Figure Overall 
Empowerment & Performance Consultant 
PhD Nutrition 2011 Sponsored Athlete