“I started with Darren and Lara over two and a half years ago with a specific vision for my body, my health and my self-confidence. I knew that for me, hiring a coach was necessary for my goal to enter a bodybuilding competition, but I didn’t realize how necessary it was to have a coach for my ongoing lifestyle.

When meeting with Darren, he was friendly, professional, personable and I knew I felt comfortable starting my journey to the stage with him. Little did I know that it’s a journey I’d be on for years to come.

After a few weeks of training with Custom Built, I already noticed a change in my physique and motivation. I now had a goal and someone I respected to keep me accountable.

He prepped me for my first show, and for the first time in my life, I finally felt like the athlete I always wanted to be. He believed in me 10x more than I did myself.

After two competition seasons, two off seasons and five shows under my belt, I’m completely transformed both inside and out.

I have completely healed my disordered relationship with food. After twelve years fighting bulimia, with Darren’s approach to nutrition, I was finally able to understand the importance and value of fueling my body with food. I have never looked back at my old ways andlook forward to every single meal and workout. Darren has pushed me every step of the way and continues to believe in me.

Another aspect of confidence I’ve been able to build is my stage presence with Lara, who teaches the posing classes. Every week, she not only teaches posing, but inspires us and motivates us to find our inner selves and helps bring our confidence to the forefront.

I was just looking to compete maybe once, but here I am, a dedicated, return client, with supportive coaches and friends.”

Alison Walker
Knight of Champions Overall Bikini Champion