“My name is Annette Mountford, and I am an IFBB BIKINI PRO. Wow!! It is still so crazy to be able to say that! Back in 2015 when I was looking into competing at my first bodybuilding show, I never imagined how far I could go, or even dared to dream about becoming an IFBBPRO;But when I met Darren and Lara and became part of Team Custom Built, everything changed!!!
From the first time I walked into posing class, I KNEW I was on the absolute BEST team out there! From day one, Darren and Lara believed in me. And with Darren’s unbelievable guidance, solid programming, and his watchful eye we consistently earned overall titles, BC Provincial Championship 2016, top 5 national placings, my IFBB PRO CARD at an International show, and a top 5 at finish at my second Pro show alongside Ashley Kaltwasser. (Like pinch me, I’m dreaming!) What an incredible journey together in only 3 short years!!

I absolutely owe my incredible career to my coaches. Darren and Lara guided me through the world of bodybuilding and competing, to become the well-rounded athlete I am today. Lara has such an incredible eye for posing and stage presentation. She is truly a master of her craft and of helping others realize their own potential. Lara has a heart bigger than her incredible glutes, and her inner light, makes you feel your own inner strength. She is definitely the Posing Queen!

I love Darren’s attention to detail and the depth of his knowledge regarding everything to do with Prep, competition and bodybuilding. It is so important to align yourself with the right people in your corner, and to make sure you are always putting health first! Having Darren’s solid nutritional programming and his years of coaching experience, I knew I was always taken care of. I loved the continuously changing training plans, the individualized programming, the weekly team check-ins and posing classes, and I even loved that he would keep a watchful eye on me and bust me for sneaking treats. (Watch your social media ladies lol)

Having two coaches on the team is such a bonus! And to have so many incredible athletes on the same team is really motivating and everyone is so supportive of each other! It is so cool to see the level of athletes that have trained with Custom Built. To be on the same team as so many elite, high level athletes, is a compete dream come true.
Hopefully you will decide to join us all on Team Custom Built, and let them help guide you to reach for your dreams!”

Annette Mountford