“If you’re researching around for a trainer/coach stop looking! I made the switch to Darren in 2010 after coming off an amazing first year of competing. I was and am grateful for my success that year but knew I needed a different perspective. At Nationals 2010, I had the fortunate opportunity to experience Darren’s coaching support via a friend who was also competing. She and I were in Toronto sharing a hotel room. I was unbelievably impressed by his positive and continued support during this crucial time only hours before show time. The best part is Darren wasn’t even in the same city as my friend!!! His support was via continued text messages, phone calls, emails and skyping. So this decision for me was a no brainer! I met with Darren and we had an instant “click”!

After hiring Darren in 2010 I didn’t get to hit the stage under his guidance until August 2012 at nationals where I earned my pro card in the Masters and Open Figure class. The reason for the lag in time was a short pit stop to have a baby. During those tough times of adapting to the new pregnancy body, Darren was always there to support and ensure that things were going to work out. In all sincerity, with Darren’s guidance and a hell of a lot of hard work on my end I can say confidently that I’m in the best shape of my life after having a baby.

Darren has an uncanny ability to envision your final physique and create the path to achieve that. It’s a serious gift! What I love the most about Darren is his positive direct manner! He will be absolutely straight up with you and will never let you fall through the cracks. To me, Darren is not only a coach and a friend but a big brother who I look up to and respect.
Thank you Darren.”

Erin Harding