“I began my competitive competing years under the wings of both Darren & Lara. They taught me the ins and outs of this sport, the dedication it takes to compete, the perseverance and ultimately what it takes to grace the stage with the best physique I could. Darren & Lara are a team, with their knowledge in nutrient timing, training regimes and cardiovascular training they package and tailor a program specific to your body and your goals. Their wealth of knowledge with competition prep has been shown over the years not only with their clients but also in themselves. Darren is an IFBB PRO and Lara is a top Level National competitor they not only do they have the knowledge but also the experience to match it!

I started with Darren in 2006 where I won my first amateur show, then on to BC’s where I also came out on top and in 2012 after 5 successful shows Darren and Lara formed me into an athlete that was worthy of receiving the prestigious IFBB PRO card. It is with their support and efforts to push me beyond my limits to be my best. Not only am I proud an honored to have both Darren and Lara as my coaches but to call them my friends. They put their utmost efforts into making you achieve your highest potential and without them I would not be where I am today! I am excited to take this next step towards my Professional Competitive Career in hopes to reach the highest tier in the IFBB league under their guidance.

If you are looking for full support in every aspect of your training, nutrition & posing it is without a doubt that Darren & Lara are ultimately the best combination in this industry. I have the highest respect for them and what they have done for me, this sport & many athletes.”

Michelle Krack
IFBB Physique Professional