“After competing in my first show and placing 2nd, I knew what I wanted, and that was to win. I heard about Darren and saw how he was constantly on top of his clients with the program changes and diet changes and that was something I wanted. I joined the Custom Built Team on my prep for BC’s and it couldn’t have gone any better. I placed first in my class and ended up taking the overall, fast forward to a week later and I had the same results at Nationals earning me my Pro Card, making me BC’s first Men’s Physique Pro. I will tell you right now that there is absolutely no way any of that would have been possible without the help of Darren and Lara. Another huge thing is the help during the show while being on stage, making some posing changes and tweaks while on stage surely made the difference between a potential 1st or 2nd place finish. They are so good that I almost don’t want to refer any physique competitors to them because I know they will turn them into fierce competition for me.

The name is no lie, customized diets and customized training programs catered to you, and you only. There is no photo copied plan given to each competitor. That is the reason why he builds champions, tweaking you into a perfect speciman. Huge thanks to Darren and Lara and I can’t wait to start ripping up the Pro League with the both of them.”

Mirko Maras
IFBB Physique Pro