“My serious bodybuilding career began with Darren almost 15 years ago and I am forever grateful for his caring and responsible advice in teaching me how to get to the top of my game across those years. I learned the foundations of the sport both through his coaching and through the friendship we developed over time. He taught me how to be a true bodybuilder, yet maintain my health and wellness both on and off-season. His experience spans decades and hundreds of clients who he has helped achieve their goals. For me, Darren provides an essential guidance and sounding board as I have worked towards each of my competitions. Due to our long-distance relationship, he has had to adjust quickly and rapidly to changes, listen carefully and work with me to get me through various situations other competitors may not encounter. He has always been there for me, and always willing to discuss and hear out my concerns as I have developed into an experienced competitor and gotten to know my body. However, no matter what your experience and even if you are a top pro, having someone in your corner who knows your body and can help you make the correct decisions, keeping the emotions stable, is essential to good performance. I have worked with some other top coaches during my career and have always come back to Darren, as I have confirmed that there is no ‘magic’ in show prep, just solid guidance, an experienced eye and a caring attitude. Darren has all that and is an excellent coach, highly recommended by me. I am thankful for all I have learned with him and excited to embark on a new journey as I change from bodybuilding to physique. If you are looking for a team that provides support, solid information and ease of communication, I highly recommend Darren and Custom Built Training. I’m proud to be part of the team!”

Zoa Linsey
IFBB Professional Athlete